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Bruintjieshoogte Cycle Fest

The Bruintjieshoogte Cycle Fest is well and truly a feast of cycling.  Spread over two or three days, depending on whether you arrive on the Friday or the Saturday, there is a selection of road races, a selection of mountain bike races as well as a fun run/walk on Bosberg for those who just wish to enjoy the fresh air, the scenery and the views of Somerset East.

Typically these are the sort of choices available to you, starting from Gill College sports grounds  :

Mountain Bike Races

Mountain bikers have a choice of courses to suit their levels of skill, fitness and enthusiasm.

1.  85 km MTB race through farmland, up Glen Avon Pass, descending to Bethaven Game Farm, then along the Fish River, up to the summit of Bosberg and then back to the start by the same route.

2.  60 km MTB race through farmland, up Avon Heights and down to Glen Burnie Game Farm, through the game farm and back up Avon Heights and back to the start by a different route.

3.  25 km MTB race along the same route as the 60km race as far as the top of Avon Heights and turning back from there.

Road Cycle Races

 1.  160 km road cycle race.  This is the great attraction of the fest.  West out of Somerset East and out the other side of Pearston, back through Somerset East as far as Cookhouse and back again to Somerset East.  A feast for spectators too.

2.  100 km road race, leaving from Somerset East as far as Pearston and turning around there.  The course is a combination of flats and rolling hills apart from the Bruintjieshoogte Pass and a couple of other climbs.

3.  50 km road race.  This starts in Somerset East and turns around at the top of Bruintjieshoogte Pass.

4.  20 km road race.  10 km towards Pearston and back again.  An ideal race to "get your feet wet" in the Bruintjieshoogte Cycle Fest.

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