Stars to Midnight, Sutherland

Date: 7th September 2013

Stars to Midnight, Sutherland

Sutherland, judged the coldest place on average in South Africa, is South Africa's centre of astronomy abd is home to SALT, the largest telescope in the Southern hemisphere.

Here a stargazing opportunity is offered every first weekend of the new moon at Sterland, just one kilometer outside of Sutherland, in the direction of Matjiesfontein.

The evening kicks off at the main farm house with nicely decorated tables with candles around a centre fire place under a thatch roof rondawel.

Fresh home made curry and rice, soup, hot dogs, pancakes, hot and cold beverages are for sale to the stargazer at the thatched roof rondawel. You are welcome to bring your own bottle of red wine where glasses will be available to warm you up for a cold evening.

Short lectures about basic and advanced astronomy are presented in an enclosed area known as “Die Dam” for one hour.

From 20:00 the stargazer is shown a series of celestial objects through five telescopes with capable operators where each item is explained in detail over a PA system.

Later in the evening coffee will be available to wake you up for the last sequence up to midnight.

In case of bad weather, more intensive lectures will be given in The Dam and a short display of Geology/ veld plants items will be available to ensure an enjoyable evening. Interesting Powerpoint presentations will be given.

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stars to midnight, sutherland

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