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"To know the Karoo is to love the Karoo".  This remark by a wise old man highlights the `problem' of the Karoo which is that, although great numbers of people travel the Karoo, they feel that they do so out of necessity rather than choice.  In short, they view the Karoo as an obstacle to be crossed rather than a destination.

Guest house in CalitzdorpIf, however, one takes the time to stay in the Karoo if only for a few days, whether camping or caravanning, backpacking or staying in a hotel, B&B or guest house, on a farm or in a National Park, one will discover that there is so much to enjoy, so much that is of interest, that one will come to see that the Karoo is a destination in its own right.

Until you have stayed in the Karoo for a while you can not realise just how relaxing it is.  At first, the city dweller might find it strange to to be greeted in the street by a perfect stranger but that is the way in the Karoo; the hospitality and old fashioned courtesy make you feel welcome.

If our small site can tempt you to visit the Karoo for a getaway or, at the very least, to stop over for one extra day on your journey through, we are sure that you will not be sorry and you will, of course, need accommodation in which to stay.

We have therefore included a variety of accommodation establishments for your consideration.

Karoo Hotels.  While in the larger towns and cities there has been a tendency for the older type of hotel to decay, both physically and in the usage to which they are put, more and more of the hotels in the Karoo are being restored and comprise oases of gracious accommodation and good eating as well as generally being good value for money.

Karoo Camping in the bush near SteytlervilleCamping and caravanning.  Facilities can be found all over, not just in the formal caravan parks in the towns but also on farms where you can get away in the bush and listen to nature.  Your trip needs to be planned, however, as there do exist no-go areas such as the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area which is impassable for caravans and, for that matter, sedan cars.

Karoo Backpackers.  Accommodation establishments catering for those who backpack are on the increase in the Karoo as elsewhere.

Karoo Guest Houses and Karoo Bed and Breakfast.  The backbone of accommodation in South Africa, it is no different in the Karoo.  You are sure to find an establishment that suits both your pocket and your taste.  Many guest houses are traditional Karoo houses and can be very quaint.

Karoo Self Catering.  The growth in popularity in this field is mirrored in the Karoo with most dorpies having at least some self catering accommodation.

Karoo Guest Farm Getaways.   One of the best ways to experience the Karoo is to stay on a farm, miles from even the nearest dorp and get to know the real Karoo people.

Karoo National Parks.  No mention of the Karoo would be complete without them.  The number of parks in the Karoo has increased, the parks themselves are growing larger and, in addition to being scenic and animal attractions in their own right, they offer a variety of accommodation for the visitor.

Blockhouse accommodation (photo Andrew Hugo)Exotic Accommodation.  Last but not least, the Karoo also offers a few unusual accommodations.  There is a restored Anglo-Boer War blockhouse where you can stay (somewhat more comfortably than the Tommies of that era) as well as caves, treehouses and rock overhangs in the mountains where, with any luck, you will not be bothered by the leopards!

To search for accommodation, click on the town of your choice and, if there is accommodation available in that district, you will find a "quick link" at the top of the column on the right.  If, for the moment, we do not have any accommodation in that town this link will not appear.


karoo accommodation, karoo guest houses b&b hotels

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