Benefits of listing on The Great Karoo

General information about listing on The Great Karoo

If you have a tourism related business in the Great Karoo you can apply to be listed on this website.

This will give you :

1.  A listing on a page under an appropriate category with a small photo, a short paragraph of text and contact particulars, and

2.  A "More Info" page with a pageful of text and up to 8 enlargeable photographs.  There will also be information about your facilities offered, languages spoken and your accreditations (such as Star grading, AA grading etc).

Accommodation establishments who belong to Nightsbridge can list for FREE and pay a 10% commission on confirmed bookings.

Attractions and most activities (unless commercial) as well as places to eat can list for FREE as these enhance the interest of the site to the ultimate benefit of its members.

If an establishment offers both accommodation and an attraction/activity it may apply for a free listing for the activity but this free listing may not make mention of the accommodation.

To qualify as an attraction/activity it must be formally organised.  For example, one can sit in a garden and watch birds; this would not constitute "birdwatching" in terms of a free listing.  On the other hand, if a place offers guided tours to birders (NOT restricted to accommodation guests), this would qualify.  ZAWebs reserves the right to make the final decision as to what qualifies as an attraction or activity.

Benefits of listing on The Great Karoo

The Great Karoo is a site dedicated solely to promoting the general Greater Karoo area and serving the interests of those who live and work there.

A listing on The Great Karoo gives you a considerable presence (almost as good as a website of your own) on a site which has for a long time been No 1 on Google when searching for "Great Karoo".  It is also steadily growing in content and interest and, in this regard, we welcome contributions which can add to what the site offers.

The listings on the accommodation pages randomly rotate every time the page is viewed so as to give every establishment fair and equal exposure.

Listing Costs

FREE listing for:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Tourism offices
  3. Most activities and attractions (provided not commercial)

Accommodation establishments:

Nightsbridge members - a free listing with a 10% commission on confirmed bookings only. Please note there is a Credit Card Fee of 2.85% on the deposits taken by Nightsbridge.

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benefits of listing on the great karoo

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